The United States has more fishing territory than any country on Earth. Our wild fisheries provide countless jobs and recreation and keep our coastal communities vibrant.

3 of the top 4 seafoods consumed in the US - Shrimp, Salmon and Tilapia - are predominantly farm raised and imported from overseas.

Here at home we are a global leader in responsibly managed fisheries. It is Sea to Table's privilege and duty to offer only wild, domestic seafood.

nternational fisheries and aquaculture continue to have problems with illegal, unregulated and unreported fishing, mislabeling, fish fraud, overfishing, environmental destruction, disease, contaminants and forced labor.

Sea to Table only sources from responsibly managed wild domestic fisheries.

We maintain rigorous species assessments by our fisheries experts to ensure we are continuously meeting the highest sustainability standards.

A Killer Cup at Juniper Hill

Coperaco coffees are crafted with the highest standards for quality, sourced from sustainable farms around the world and roasted to perfection.

From the selection of fresh ingredients to the art of roasting the perfect cup of coffee, we describe Coperaco's coffees as the result of a wonderful journey.

At Stanton Mountain Farm, we focus our efforts on growing healthy and natural produce, specifically unique garlic varieties.  We grow a wide range of vegetables to complement the garlic and complete a balanced growing season.

We take pride in supporting our community by delivering quality products and continuing the very special tradition of locally grown fresh produce here in Hunterdon County.

The Wayfare Baker: to journey; to travel; to go to and fro.
The Wayfare Baker is an artisan baking company which produces old world style, naturally leavened sourdough breads. Bread is produced out of the Wayfare Baker community kitchen in Bethlehem Township, Pennsylvania, and distributed to local artisans, restaurants, retail locations, and seasonal farmers markets.

Planting a vineyard in an unproven place is irrational, as anyone who has done will attest. Yet we sensed something special about this southwest-facing slope on Mount Salem, near Pittstown, New Jersey. The more we learned, the more we believed that the unlikely was possible.

"Mount Salem’s red wines were outstanding … (it is) a hidden gem, and their desire to focus exclusively on wine quality is very refreshing."
Charlie Toms, American Winery GuideFebruary 25, 2014

Two Barn Farm is a non-certified organic vegetable farm located in Pittstown, NJ.  Visit Jon and Will Smith at the Clinton Farmers Market and ask them how their crops are grown -- they can tell you that...and even who picked it!

The Farm Cooking School is a hands-on culinary experience located on Roots to River Organic Produce Farm in Titusville New Jersey. Seasonal and technique classes run year round on the farm with vegetables and lunch available every weekend at the market on the farm. 

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